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•Bisexual people exist.
•Bisexual people are not “half-way out of the closet”.
•Bisexual people are not confused.
•It is not a “made-up” sexuality.
•It does not mean that we will date two people at the same time.
•Bisexual people are not attracted to every person they meet.
•Bisexual people do not always date males and females equally.
•Bisexual people can prefer one gender over the other.

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Disney vs. 7 early fairytales 

The 1812 version of Snow White is even worse when you consider that the girl was only seven years old in the tale (plus her unconscious body ended up being carted around by the prince until one of his servants accidentally woke her up).  Also, in The Little Mermaid, the mermaid’s unable to speak because she had her tongue cut out >__<

But I’d love to see faithful adaptations of the original tales.  Especially Bluebeard.  We need a Bluebeard adaptation.

Actually, the original-original pre-Grimm Brothers’ stories that were passed around Europe via oral tradition are nowhere near as violent as the Grimm’s made them. Cinderella’s stepsisters were never ugly and kept their eyes, Snow White’s mother was not even a villain (instead a group of bandits were), and instead of spending the whole story napping Sleeping Beauty outwitted a dangerous bandit leader, wouldn’t let him sleep with her, and saved herself. 

The original oral stories were radically changed by the Brothers Grimm to fit their personal and political beliefs. Most notably, they often added in female characters solely for the purpose of making them evil villains and took away most of the heroines’ agency and intelligence. Both brothers belonged to a small fanatical sect of Catholicism that vilified women because of the idea of Original Sin and Wilhelm in particular had a particularly deep hatred of women. The Grimms were actually pretty horrible people. Those cannibalistic queens and ugly stepsisters and the mass amount of violence against women didn’t exist until the Grimms wanted them to. Their ideas stuck so soundly though that we now assume they were in the original tales and that these terrible characters and ideas come out of some perceived barbaric Old World culture. But in truth they’re really the Grimms’ weird obsession with hating women showing through. The original oral folklore focused on the heroes’ and heroines’ good deeds and used them as ways to teach cultural norms and a society’s rules and encouraged girls to be quick-witted and street-savvy instead of passive princesses, and the Grimms promptly stripped that all away. 

"Grimms Bad Girls and Bold Boys" by Ruth Bottingheimer is an excellent book on this

We had to read The Book of Lost Things for school and it’s Grimm level crazy 

Not only that, you’re skipping out a really important thing: the brother’s grimm got those tales from WOMEN, women were the ones who would tell these tales orally and the brother’s grimm took them, altered them to be sexist and never gave the women credit. You can read Clever Maids the Secret History The Grimm Fairytales for more info

reblogging for the excellent commentary

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is mostly based on the Ballet (of the same name) composed by Russian Composer Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky (Swan Lake & The Nutcracker). The Ballet it’s self is based on Charles Perrault (Beauty and the Beast, Puss n’ boots & Tales of Mother Goose)  version La Belle au bois dormant. It’s in the credits at the beginning of Disney’s movie for heaven sakes.

A lot of the Grimm Fairy Tales are the re-telling of Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales.

"AND I MISS MY ROOM!"  - Henry Mills, biggest Mama’s boy. (via calmskiesfierynights)

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Even after a good sleep I can’t decide.

"So, I’ve got to draw caricature of a celebrity for my character design class. And,I’m so hopped up on Once Upon a Time. I can’t decide for the life of me, who should I draw?" (previous post)

Lana Parrilla or Jennifer Morrison?

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So, I’ve got to draw caricature of a celebrity for my character design class. And,I’m so hopped up on Once Upon a Time. I can’t decide for the life of me, who should I draw?

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make me choose > xander/willow or buffy/willow?

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Women of Steel

deep, heavy breathing

Give me armour and let me kill some shit.

pay special attention to the lack of boob cups and thank you

Aside from the allusion to a skin tight bodysuit “Boob Cups” were a design choice to help differentiate female and male character when playing tabletop games and video games.

"learn to let go"  - an important praverb for all artists & designers

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Reblog if you have a scar with a story behind it. 

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Regal Believer Appreciation Week 2 

Day 3: Favourite Happy Moment(s)

These brief, but adorable conversations. 

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